Drug Recovery

Drug Recovery

Drug Recovery Lebanon TN

Stages of Change Model

The “stages of change” model (or your paths to recovery) involves changing your behaviors; this is a proven method to promote addiction recovery.



    If the drug recovery process could be summed up in one word it would be CHANGE. After all, Opiate Addiction is a chronic medical disease that changes the brain’s chemical circuits and reward systems. These physiological brain changes produce such powerful cravings for more, despite its horrible, destructive life consequences.

    Opiate Addiction is not a moral issue, it is a complex disease requiring more than will power to overcome it. It can be managed by learning and using safe and helpful ways to create a positive, healthy life. This description of how it can be managed in life is also known as RECOVERY!


    Recovery is possible...


The staff at Alpha Medical Center fully engage with the patients to create their individualized treatment plan. There are many pieces to the puzzle that make recovery successful. These pieces include: patient specific treatment plans, addiction education, compassion, listening, developing good rapport and trust of medical team, counselors, medications, faith/belief system, support of family and friends.
Learning different tasks and how to carry them out in real life are necessary when you are truly ready for recovery. The road to recovery is like following a map, going at your own pace as you are ready for the next ‘destination’ or stage of recovery. Our experienced Licensed and Drug Addiction Counselors are specifically trained to educate and provide you your pathway in recovery. You will move from one stage to the next when you are ready. Everyone’s drug recovery is different, some may stay in certain ‘stages’ longer than others.

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