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We believe in a team approach philosophy in treating adults who
are willing to try to combat their opiate addiction.

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Our Staff

Our staff provides the highest quality of Patient centered care, understanding, and developing a professional Patient relationship built upon trust, honesty and compassionate care.

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Opiate Addiction is a disease. Our treatment goals are to educate, stabilize and maintain the Patient while focusing on improving their quality of life. We know that without change, there is no recovery.



Answers for those who have concerns about medication, treatment plans, duration, insurance, pregnancy, and other frequently asked questions about our facility, staff or treatments.



Now accepting new patients. Please call or if you prefer, you can email via our Contact form. Wednesdays 10am - 4pm, Saturdays available by appointment and we will be adding more week days soon.


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Great Changes

If the path of addiction recovery could be described in one single word; it would be changes. Ultimately, it’s changes in the brain which result in addiction’s cravings, and recovery is the essence of reversing those changes by changes in patient behavior and medication-assisted treatment.


Identifying and beginning to make changes related to active addiction behaviors is part of the hard work of psychological recovery. We very strongly recommend a therapist, counselor or 12 step programs to help guide the Patient to put into effect these changes.


Is an example of one of several of the prescription Buprenorphine medications’ used to treat opioid addiction. Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone, which helps to relieve opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It does not cause euphoria (getting a ‘high’) and blocks the effects of other opioids that might be abused, therefore making the abused opioids ineffective.

We have posted a drug recovery testimonial video for those of you interested. Please check back as we add more video testimonials. Watch Now!